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Cash or Crash Live by Evolution Gaming 

Game Info and Review

Welcome to my Review at, the game Cash or Crash Live is another one in a line of highly successful titles from the Augmented Reality Live Game series by Evolution Gaming

The game offers nail-biting gameplay, gives players control of how to act when drawing winning balls, and has a staggering payout potential that can go up to 50,000 times your stake. Moreover, playing the game with an optimal strategy results in the house edge being a measly 0.41%, which is far less than most live games.

Cash or Crash Live is a brand new live game on the market, and many players are yet to test it out. If you’re hesitant and unsure whether you’d like Cash or Crash Live, read our full review of the game below, where we explain the game’s ins and outs, taking you through all the rules and details.

Cash or Crash Live Game Info

Provider Evolution Gaming
Game type Live casino game show
Release date September 2021
RTP 99.59%
Jackpot/Max win 50,000x
Betting limits 10¢ – $1,000

Cash or Crash Theme and Design

Cash or Crash Live is recorded in a studio designed to look like the inside of a blimp, and the person running the show is dressed as a steward or stewardess. In the middle of the interior is a drum from which the balls are drawn and on the sides are couches that look like passenger seats.

At the beginning of every round, the blimp is on ground level, with a virtual city in the background. Every time green balls (or a gold ball) are drawn, the blimp is lifted one level into the air. The game contains a total of 20 levels. Every time the blimp reaches the top or a red ball is drawn, it will come crashing to the ground, and a new round will begin.

Cash or Crash Live

How to Play Cash or Crash Live

The game is rather simple to play and understand. Players place a bet at the beginning of each round, after which the host starts drawing differently colored balls from the drum. The drum contains many green balls, a few red balls, and a single golden ball.

The object of the game is to get as many green balls as possible. Every time a green ball appears, all players with a stake in that round have three options:

  • Continue — Choosing this option lets you continue the game with the entirety of your stake.
  • Take half — This is like an insurance option, letting you bank half of your current winnings and continue playing with the other half.
  • Take all — If you’re afraid that the next ball will be red, you may choose to take all of the winnings you acquired to that point.

So, it’s pretty simple — green balls progress the round further and increase potential winnings, and the red balls end the game, resulting in the loss of all winnings.

In addition to these two types of balls, there is also a golden ball that adds a little bit of a twist. Namely, every time a golden ball is drawn, it serves as a shield from a single red ball. In other words, if the red ball is drawn after the golden ball, the game will continue, but all red balls after that will crash the blimp.

Cash or Crash Live

The golden Ball Feature

The golden ball also increases the top prize. If you get to the top of the cash ladder without the golden ball, you stand to win 18,000x your stake, but doing so with the golden ball in play is considered a top prize of 50,000x your stake. However, once the golden ball is drawn, the game goes on “autopilot,” implying that you no longer have all those options when a green ball is drawn. The options will appear back again once a single red ball is drawn, negating a shield created by the golden ball.


Cash or Crash Live Summary and Rating

The game is quite an interesting game and will undoubtedly tickle the fancy of fans of the augmented reality genre of live casino games. 

The main appeal of the game lies in its incredible win potential and exceptionally generous RTP. There’s also a little bit of strategy involved, as the players are left to design their own luck through several choices presented to them after each successful level.

Being a brand new game, we are still left to wonder whether Cash or Crash Live will catch on, although we’re sure that Evolution Gaming knows what they’re doing and that this will be another big hit coming from the studio.


  • Potential winnings up to 50,000x
  • High RTP of 99.59%
  • Innovative design and ambiance
  • Could be exploited using a strategy


  • Not the most dynamic of live casino games
  • No side bets


What is Cash or Crash Live’s RTP?

The game’s RTP is 99.59%. However, bear in mind that this payout percentage only considers a player using the optimal strategy.

Is Cash or Crash Live a volatile game?

The volatility in Cash or Crash Live changes during the round. The game isn’t very volatile early on but increases its volatility in later stages.

What are minimum and maximum bets in Cash or Crash Live?

By default, the game allows you to wager anywhere from 10¢ to $1,000 per round.

What is the jackpot in this game?

The biggest win in Cash or Crash Live equals 50,000x your stake and can only be achieved when reaching the game’s last level with a golden ball drawn.

Can I play Cash or Crash Live on mobile?

Yes, Cash or Crash Live is mobile-friendly, and you can play it on any modern iOS or Android device through your browser or a casino app.

Can I play Cash or Crash Live in free demo mode?

Like most live casino games, you can only play cash or Crash Live for real money.



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