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Papaya Pop Info

  • Title: PapayaPop
  • Developer: Yggdrasil Gaming
  • Reels: 5
  • Rows: 3+
  • Paylines: Up to 118,098
  • RTP: 96.00%
  • Max Win: 10.542x
  • Volatility: High
  • Min/Max Bet: 0,20 / 100,00
  • Release Date: Out Now! (exclusive)

Papaya Pop Slot Review

PapayaPop by Avatar UX – A Review

Welcome to my Papaya Pop Slot Review here at!
Avatar UX is a developer that has made a name for itself by continuously producing and publishing excellent slot games for online casinos. One of the newest additions to their line of products, slated to be released on September 6th, 2021, is the exciting slot game called PapayaPop. While the first impression may be that of a classic fruit slot – PapayaPop does a lot more to make the experience novel and exciting for the player. But what can you expect by playing PapayaPop by Avatar UX?

A Stellar Theme

The theme of the slot may very well fall into the beloved “fruit slot” genre. There is a variety of different symbols at play in this game, including:

  • Dragon fruit,

  • Figs,

  • Horned melons,

  • Durians, and

  • Mangosteens.

The list of symbols is rounded off with the 9-A card symbols. Where things get interesting is in the way the theme is presented. Quite frankly, we’ve never seen so beautiful visuals in a slot game. When playing the slot, you will feel like you’re in a posh hotel for the rich upper classes. In fact, Avatar UX, the developer of this slot, markets it as a “luxurious fruit slot”.

The Papaya Pop Slot Review will let you know that unusual fruits add to the atmosphere, much like the atmospheric soundtrack that plays in the background. According to the developer, the goal with the theme was to emulate the period of the so-called Roaring Twenties of the last century, described in the timeless classic “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. And we can say with full confidence that Avatar UX hit the mark by designing a game with a stellar theme, unmatched in any other slot that we’ve played to date.

Basic Gameplay Mechanics

As far as the theme goes, we can say that the developer took a somewhat more conservative approach in the development of the game, making it a fruit slot. However, the gameplay mechanics offer a big number of modern twists that you can find only in the newest slot games. For example, Papaya Pop slot doesn’t take the tried and tested (and somewhat outdated) approach of setting up 10-20 paylines on the reels.

This slot features 243 ways to win on a 5×3 grid. To win, all you need to do is string together three identical symbols on either side of the grid and you will get a win. The fact that you will get paid both ways goes a long way to making the game potentially more profitable for the player.

Papaya Pop Slot Review

Papaya Pop Slot Payouts, RTP and Volatility

PapayaPop has a base RTP of about 96%, which is slightly above the industry average of 95%.
It’s always good to have such high RTP values in a slot game as it increases the player’s chances of getting paid in the long run.

Min/Max Bet

The smallest wager that you can make in this slot game is 20 cents, while the largest wager is $100. Being able to wager full $100 as a max bet on a single spin on PapayaPop means that the game is perfect for the high rollers. However, with a min bet as low as 20 cents, it means that just about anyone can afford to play this slot.


An important thing to note here is that PapayaPop has high volatility. What this means is that hitting winning combinations of symbols may come at a rarer occurrence.
However, on the flip side, once you do win, you will win big. But the fact remains that high volatility games are not every player’s cup of tea, so be sure to have the funds to back you up as you play.

If you hit a 5-symbol win, then you will get a big payout anywhere from 2.5 – 8 times of your wager as a win. And if you get 5 of the golden papaya symbols, then you will win 15x of your wager for the current spin. Developer Avatar UX opted not to include any wild or scatter symbols, despite their obvious popularity as features in other slots.

Papaya Pop Slot Review

Special Features

Papaya Pop Slot will let you know that there are no wild symbols or scatters doesn’t mean that PapayaPop doesn’t have any special features. On the contrary. You will find the first special feature once you make your very first win in the game. You will discover that the winning symbols will be popped and new ones will come to replace them. This can help you string multiple wins with a single wager alone.

To top things off, additional wins from a single spin will increase the number of reels up to 6 positions high, which means that you will play with up to 15,552 ways to win! Once no new wins are stemming from your original wager, the reels will reset back and you will again have 243 ways to win.

Another thing we missed out on mentioning is that if you reach the 6 reels increase, then you will be rewarded with several free spins and a 2x multiplier bonus. You will get a choice whether to play out your free spins with the multiplier bonus or to gamble and potentially get a bigger number of free spins with bigger multipliers and a bigger number of ways to win.

Once you activate the free spins bonus game, you will get 3 lives. If a free spin doesn’t result in a win, then you lose a life. The free spins round ends when you get to 0 lives. But if you get a win, then the lives counter resets. And this time around, you can increase the size of the grid with additional 9 grids and up to 118,098 ways to win. And also, the win multiplier increases 1x or 2x indefinitely for each free spin that you play with.

Papaya Pop Slot Review

Papaya Pop Slot Conclusion – A Fun Slot Game

PapayaPop, first and foremost, provides an excellent visual experience with gorgeous drawings and animations.
You will really feel like you’re living in the Roaring Twenties as the theme goes a long way in making the slot game stand out.

However, we feel that PapayaPop could have had a bigger number of more varied features, and we don’t care much for the fact that there are no wild symbols or scatters.
The fact that you can get a win of up to 10,542 times of your wager can make for some big wins, but the game’s high volatility makes these wins relatively rare.

Regardless, here at my Papaya Pop Slot Review you can play Papaya for free and we still feel that PapayaPop is a quality slot game, one that can be enjoyed by both experienced slot players and casuals alike. We hope that you’ll have fun playing it!

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